Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Introducing - The Green Zone Movie

After a long road that i've runnin, and now i'm back to continue my blogging thingy.

Let's start with the last movie i've watch... THE GREEN ZONE

The film is about how Roy Miller (Matt Damon) try to play hero after he never finish his mission to find weapons believed to be stockpiled in the Iraqi desert. Miller must hunt through covert and faulty intelligence hidden on foreign soil for answers that will either clear a rogue regime or escalate a war in an unstable region. At this blistering time and in this combustible place, he will find the most elusive weapon of all is the truth.

Other cast in this movie: starring Amy Ryan as Lawrie Dayne, a foreign correspondent for The Wall Street Journal who investigates the U.S. government's claims of the existence of weapons of mass destruction.
Greg Kinnear as Clark Poundstone, working for Pentagon Special Intelligence. And Martin McDougall as Mr. Sheen who work in CIA Baghdad as assistant bureau chief.

Production of Green Zone was began in Spain on January 10 2008, moved to Morocco, then finished filming in the UK in December.

For me... the score is 2 out of 5. The re-team of Paul Greengrass and Matt Damon was created a 'not-so-great' electrifying thriller. Not favorite of mine, but yeah it quite entertaining i might say.

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